Welcome to Northern Rock

Powering small business success through acquisition and operational support.

A portfolio of remarkable companies

At Northern Rock, we combine long-term capital and premier leadership with the unique character of each business we acquire - all to achieve uncommon levels of performance.

Our Investment Focus

Alpha Auto McDonough

Commercial Real Estate

Acquiring premier commercial properties across the United States.

Automotive Services

Automotive Services

Operating a portfolio of independent full-service automotive shops in the Southeast.

Automotive Parts

Automotive Parts

Investing in the manufacturing, distribution, and sales of automotive parts.

An automotive training class

Automotive Service Training

Bringing expertise and education to our entire network of service professionals.

Laptop computer with charts and graphs

Business Intelligence

Creating actionable insights by compiling and analyzing proprietary data from across our diverse holdings.

Our Approach

Backed by world class partners and advisors, we invest in proven, high-performing small business within fragmented industries.

Our time horizon is indefinite. By employing veterans, we bring unmatched discipline, experience, and work ethic to our portfolio companies

“All across America, small business entrepreneurs stand as living proof that passion and perseverance can surmount any obstacle. At Northern Rock, we’re bringing that spirit of tenacity to everything we do.”

Logan Leslie, CEO

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